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‘Privilege’ Microsite online!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Hurray! It’s done! After hours and hours of HTMLing (which i haven’t done in a while), I hereby proudly announce the new micro site for my upcoming album ‘Privilege’.

You can find the microsite under


Resident Advisor feature about our India tour…

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Screen shot 2010-01-14 at 10.34.24 AM

Resident Advisor today published a long long article about our performance tour in India last November. It’s in the features category, and here is the direct link

If you want a PDF of the article, you can download it here.

Ronni Shendar’s photo blog regarding our India Tour

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

For those of you wondering where the heck they could find a few more pictures from our India performance tour, i can highly recommend to go to Ronni Shendar’s Photo Blog. Amazing pictures, some of them horribly sad.

‘Dim Flares EP’ microsite online!!!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Thanks to Ronni Shendar: the amazing video for ‘Be Content’, one of the 4 tracks of my upcoming ‘Dim Flares EP’, is online, and with it the microsite for the EP:

The EP will be released on the 12th of October.

More info on the EP:


Following the great international success of Glitterbug’s album “Supershelter”, everyone has been curious to hear what this unique and unmatched producer will bring us next. And truth is, there is a lot! Glitterbug has been working on piles of new enchanting materials, tracks, projects and remixes.

As a first release in a series that will lead to his next (double CD) album, is the “Dim Flares EP”: a dream-like, intense and deep moody EP that carries that very special Glitterbug sound to a whole new level, touching on deep emotional techno with a utopian 4/4 perspective.

This beautiful EP opens with “So much More”, an epic track that releases its melancholic-euphoric mood slowly over the course of 9 minutes, turning itself into a beautiful, hopeful, hand-raising screamer that floods the dance floor with overwhelming warmth and heartfelt love. Side A ends with “Deadpan”, an intense dark ambient miniature that lets us peak at Glitterbug’s world of score-like ambient compositions.

The B-Side begins with “Daubed Beams”, a Deephouse track all Glitterbug. “Daubed Beams” feels like what mid 90’s Detroit techno released on Warp would have sounded like: unbelievably deep, pensive, warm, divine and pumping.

c.sides’ latest emotive EP culminates with “Be Content”, a warm track with a deep drive of warped pads, a dark bass-line, airy percussion and unforgettable arpeggios. This exhilarating dance track is layered with bottomless emotions, the kind you want to close your eyes to, hug the person dancing next to you and wish it would never ever end.

The “Dim Flares EP” is the first in a series of 3 magnificently moving EP’s (by Glitterbug, Christian Löffler, and a collaboration between Glitterbug & Ostgut Ton’s Murat Tepeli) to be released on the c.sides Label in 2009-2010, all leading up to Glitterbug’s extraordinary next double album which is currently in the making and will be released in spring 2010.

Transmission break…

Saturday, September 19th, 2009


I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a beautiful new year from California (it’s Rosh Hashana today, that’s also the reason that I am here- to meet up with some friends and Ronni and her family) and thank everyone that made the past year such an amazing period for me and us at c.sides.

‘Supershelter’, my last album, got so much love and support internationally, I had the opportunity to perform in all these amazing places around the globe, we had at a blast at our last c.sides Festival in Tel Aviv this February  (against all odds, meaning, the war in Gaza and the elections one day before we opened the festival), we had great and well attended shows with our installations (for example the Jewish Museum Frankfurt), and I feel so very very fortunate and privileged for having the opportunity and freedom to do all these things. All of this is pretty overwhelming and beyond anything I could have hoped for.

As you might know, I am taking a performance break right now, and am working on my next album (and things are going really really well).

I’ll be back on the road (and in the club) starting on the 23rd of October at the amazing Insomnia Festival in Tromsø, Norway. After that we’ll (we: Glitterbug and Ronni Shendar with the joint A/V live show) play at the Elevate Festival in Graz/ Austria (24th of October), and then we’ll be off to a performance tour in India with our dear beloved friends Andy Vaz and Murat Tepeli. Post India we go directly to Poland to perform at the Plateaux Festival in Torun on the  21st of November, and more exciting things, projects and gigs are cooking up… I’ll keep you posted.

If you are in Cologne, come visit me at the Ouest Bar on the 10th of October and celebrate the release of my next 12”, the ‘Dim Flares EP’ (coming out on the 12th of October), with me.

Until then: love and peace from California… ;-)

‘Ma Iti’, a Macabug installation

Monday, August 24th, 2009

‘Ma Iti’ (Hebrew for ‘What is it with me?’) is a 4 channel HD video / audio installation by Ronni Shendar and Till Rohmann addressing questions of identity, home and the many uncertainties and complexities that comprise life in Israel.

More information can be found here.

Ma Iti? – video installation by macabug from c.sides festival on Vimeo.

MUV Festival, Florence – on Friday, the 12th of June

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Hurray! Hurray! Next Friday, Ronni and I will be going to Florence to the MUV Festival for the first presentation of our brand new live show. As mentioned before, we have been busy over the past few months re-constructing our joined A/V live performance, and next week will be the first public presentation.

And because it all sounds so nice in Italian, here is what the nice people from MUV are writing about our show:

Glitterbug inizia a sviluppare il suo stile originale alla fine degli anni’80 durante parties illegali e continua sulla scena sperimentale techno di Colonia negli anni ’90, rimanendo sempre fortemente influenzato dal suo amore per la house-music, di Chicago e di Detroit. Il suo stile si caratterizza per la continua ricerca di nuove idee, contenuti ed emozioni scovate dentro nuove espressività che da sempre animano le sue produzioni. Dal 2004 il suo palco preferito diventa Israele, dove prima suona svariate volte e poi si dedica allo sviluppo della scena techno locale, attraverso lo scambio di artisti e il rinomato ‘c.sides che cura in collaborazione con Ronni Shendar. Quando non è in tour in Medio Oriente o bloccato nel suo studio a registrare, viene chiamato spesso ad esibirsi in USA e in Giappone. Negli ultimi 5 anni si è occupato principalmente del ‘c.sides oltre a prendere parte ad innumerevoli progetti: composizione di colonne sonore, esperienze alla radio, creazione di video e di installazioni, partecipazione ad infiniti eventi pubblici che lo hanno reso famoso in tutto il mondo.
Ronni Shendar, artista israeliana, fotografa e video-maker, porta una dimensione del tutto nuova alle live performance di Glitterbug. Ronni Shendar riesce a disegnare i concetti e le emozioni espresse nel glorioso album di Glitterbug, Supershelter, creando un ponte tra due diversi mezzi d’espressione. Le sue opere sono state presentate ed esposte in mostre e festival internazionali, tra cui il Festival di Cannes e nel museo ebreo di Francoforte. Attiva anche come curatrice, è stata finanziatrice e direttrice del rinomato ‘c.sides, festival israeliano di musica elettronica.”

Brief update…

Friday, June 5th, 2009

First of all, sorry for not writing for such a long time… it’s been a rather calm period, at least from the outside, i have mostly been in the studio, working on new materials (there is a new EP on c.sides coming in September, and: a new album in the making too), and Ronni Shendar and I have been busy rehearsing and working on our brand new show, that we will start touring with next week.

So, I am about to leave our beautiful cozy studio and to start to mingle with the real world again. I am sure that there will be a lot of amazing stories to be shared… Next week, we will start in Italy with the MUV Festival in Firence (Florence), after that I am very excited to be playing at the Dancity Festival, and in July i will be in Berlin and Beijing… thats right, i get to play in China!

So, stay tuned via the dates/gigs page and watch out for many new interviews, articles, videos and photos from all these amazing places, that I will start posting shortly. I can’t wait!!

c.sides video channels

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

For those of you that did not make it to the c.sides festival 2009 that took place last February in Tel Aviv, you can grasp on the atmosphere in our vimeo video channel (less videos, better quality) or youtube video channel (more videos, and bad youtube encoding).

Projections by Uri Lahav – c.sides Festival 2009

Asi Mina & The Complainer – IIIIIIII @ c.sides 2009

Jacopo Carreras – c.sides Festival 2009

Intro article on c.sides and glitterbug…

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Grab your free copy of the Intro Magazine 170 (April 2009) somewhere around your city (if you live in Germany) or download the article as pdf’s here:

article on c.sides / Intro 170, page 42

article on c.sides / Intro 170, page 43

Really nice article saying a lot of really nice things about us and our really nice project…