Norman Records / Leeds, UK review

This is a super sweet review and recommendation from the nice people at Norman Records in Leeds, UK. Thanks guys!

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“Gosh this is super nice deep, emotionally driven techno. It’s very soulful, warm and inviting and really has me shaking along to the infectious smoky grooves. Certainly folks enjoying Pantha Du Prince will be seduced by ‘Swirl’. A hypnotic late night brain hugger. Mr C once used the term “pretty techno” to describe Carl Craig’s music and I think those words can be applied here. The way the tracks flow and new elements are introduced is great. Even some strange sort of field recording sound and stuff but things never veer from the accessible. Plus the production really is pristine, every sound tweaked and polished with immense attention to detail. I’m very much reminded of classic Artificial Intelligence era headphone techno in terms of how the music takes one on a journey and just invites all sorts of visual imagery into your mind. I liked the last album he did a lot, this is his second and after hearing it I will say that Till Rohmann is a real dark horse and I would hope an artist that gets some recognition for his productions. I’d say followers of everyone from The Black Dog/ART through to early Warp, R&S and deeper Detroit and Cologne styles should really check this out. With 20 tracks in all on the 2CD set, I’d go as far as saying grab the CD over the vinyl. But of course if you like to spin records then the vinyl has plenty of highlights too.”

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