Glitterbug’s Head Under Water Mix.

Glitterbug-Head under Water Mix by Glitterbug

This is a very experimental mix that i did in a series of DJ mixes around the release of my last album, ‘Privilege’, last May/June. It was supposed to be a podcast for a large San Francisco / New York based music magazine, but they seemed to have changed their mind along the way- so instead of having it rot on my hard drives, I thought to better share it with the rest of the world (because- I actually really love this mix…).

The set combines a few samples of things I have loved for many years (the first track is actually 38 years old), and there is very little techno- or club related music- in here. I guess i would be ecstatic to hear somebody play music like this in a club, and if it’s just in the first 2 or 3 hours of a club night.


Glitterbug’s Head under Water Mix

01. Charlie Haden – We Shall Overcome
02. Zoviet France – Shouting at the Ground Part 1
03. Glitterbug – Lionheart
04. Koss – Ocean Wave (Mercury Dub)
05. Nuno Dos Santos & Traumbauer – Bensafrim
06. Morgan Packard – Waterbugs
07. Differnet- Caring Arms (Jesse Somfay Remix)
08. Benjamin Lew / Stephen Brown – Etendu
09. Krikor – Disposable Elvises (Chloe’s Remix)
10. Mano le Tough – Halve a Sun (Original Mix)
11. Christian Löffler – Silent Nights
12. Gonno – I don’t need Competition (Donnacha Costello Remix)
13. John Lurie – The Resurection of Albert Ayler
14. Zoviet France – Shouting at the Ground Part 2

This mix was entirely made by hand, utilizing only two Technics turntables and a Dateq 3 channel mixer. For tracks that i don’t have on vinyl, i use Traktor Scratch with vinyl control.

The mix was recorded in one ongoing session, no post editing was done.

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