Beatportal on Cancerboy and Passages

Thanks Ken Taylor! You can read the orignal post here.

Cologne’s Glitterbug makes some broodingly dark and gritty tracks. The first one on his latest LP, Cancerboy—yep, it’s called Cancerboy—”Backwards,” is just the sound of someone’s ventilated breath, presumably as they lie in a hospital bed. If there’s one thing right off the bat that speaks to Glitterbug’s strength, it’s his ability to immediately set a mood—even if it’s a supremely dire one.

To underscore his mastery of mood, Glitterbug (aka Till Rohmann) enlists director Ronni Shendar to work her visual magic on the equally eclipsing techno track ”Passages,” above, a gorgeously shot clip of ships literally passing in the night. The tune itself, however, is a bomb unto itself, with a throbbingly deep bass that slowly transforms into something glowing and tender, but still icily distant at the same time. Its compressed kick keeps the pace rather quick, but its Rohmann’s attention to the song’s minutest details that really enriches the sound, elevating beyond mere “track” status.

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