New album ‘Dust’ out on May 12th, 2014!

It has been pretty quiet over here. Actually, I buried myself in my new studio in Berlin and only alowed myself to crawl out again once this album was finished… (and I am only slightly exaggerating here).

It’ll be out on Gold Panda‘s Notown Recordings and our own precious little c.sides Label.

It’ll be released as 2×12”, CD and digitally.

More to be shared sooooooon!!!

From the press text:

Dust, Glitterbug’s fourth studio album, sees the artist and producer continue his path of exploring musical frontiers beyond the beaten tracks of current electronic dance music.

Dust is an album about hidden remains and traces. It follows things and people that were, past lives and stories that silently echo through deserts fields, overgrown forests, urban decay, and our homes, staircases and attics.

It’s not by chance that ‘Dust’ is released on Gold Panda’s NOTOWN Recordings label. Not only is there a loving friendship and previous collaborations between the two, but ‘Dust’ also picks up the pieces where Gold Panda left off with “Half Of Where You Live” that celebrated modern urbanity and man made things.

Glitterbug’s ‘Dust’ takes this notion a step further and explores the urban shadows of the forgotten, the stories of our cities that remain untold, past landscapes that evaporated and memories left behind over time.

If Glitterbug is known for his dense, extended, autobiographical journeys, this album turns like pages of a story book, visiting different people and places, traveling across continents and beyond time, intertwined and interconnected.
Glitterbug carries his renowned visual language with each track exploring an almost perceptible location, so specific you can tell the hour by the sun’s angle, and feel the wind hit your face carrying a particular smell. It’s a travelogue of the ghosts and spirits that never had a chance to come back.

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