Q Magazine (UK) reviews Dust


Incredible! On of the UKs biggest music magazines, Q, writes about Dust! It’s not often to see them write about music like mine, usually they cover the big players in the filed. But hey, I’m not complaining, just very proud!

Teutonic electronica plays tricks with sound and vision

Given he lifted his artist name from Derek Jarmans final film, it’s apt that Berlin producer Till Rohmann’s music has a distinctly cinematic feel, featuring ambient techno creations that often fade in and out of focus. Not that his fourth album, released on the label of UK techno maverick Gold Panda, is simply an electronic experiment in search of a movie. Each track evokes its own sonic world., with Silent Glory’s gentle bass pulses slashed through with bursts of white noise and Apparition mixing haunted atmospheres and jingling metallic percussion. By contrast the 4/4 techno of 1st Of July has an almost euphoroc surge, as if the otherwise introspective Rohmann had suddenly switched on his inner glitterball and overtaken by the urge to dance. *** Rupert Howe

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