Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 14.40.05I feel very loved and blessed to not only receive great reviews, but also reviews that are written so beautifully and by reviewers that can obviously find some very deep connection points in my music. Thank you THEREALMUSIC for such a wonderful and loving review! You can find the original article here.


Berlin based Till Rohmann, aka Glitterbug, delivers his mature fourth album on Gold Panda’s label Notown Recordings. Hinting that the album deals with a real and present dystopia made up of untold stories and forgotten memories: simplistic, banal, everyday things which simply slip through our fingertips, are the very sublime concept which Rohmann attempts to pin down in Dust.

Floating from the depths of silence, minute particles of sound, slowly encircling each other and colliding, a beam of abstract sound is formed cutting through the quiet darkness and illuminating Rohmann’s prowess as a producer. The uniquely composed Dust seems to capture what is only witnessed by the human eye on a bright day and which is otherwise invisible to the naked orb: the tiny molecules of dust dotted in the air, hanging in suspension, swirling on an invisible currents of oxygen.

“Silent Glory” introduces much more epic and atmospheric tones, like a transmission of something beautiful yet alien, a light ambient techno sound rings in my ear. Dust is an entirely instrumental work with Rohmann commenting that his partner, Israeli visual artist Ronni Shendar, has for the past decade paired imagery with his songs giving a notable cinematic quality to his work.

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“Far Far Light” continues with the sublime concept of the album, so minimal and familiar are the snippets of sound used to construct the melody that the song has a near haunting effect upon the listener as waves ripple from the speakers and cascade into the room. The album makes a tentative progression from daintily minimalist songs to a mechanically manufactured soundscape tinged with a melancholic industrialism, utilising Roland 909 drum machines and decades old analog synthesizers set out to achieve this altmodisch sound.

Dust is a work of wonders, capturing a snap shot of a mysterious yet nostalgic space – ever present yet only as a subconscious recognition – an intelligent form of techno which pushes the boundaries of what influences electronic music can take and reflect upon. Holly Marie Saunders

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