Glitterbug – Far Far Light Remix EP


Almost 9 months after the international release of Glitterbug’s current and internationally praised album, Dust, out on Gold Pandas NOTOWN Recordings and Glitterbug’s own c.sides imprint, some Glitterbugs dear friends gathered to provide their interpretations of ‘Far Far Light’, one of the stand out tracks of the album.

Estroe, Biblo and Extrawelt each contribute their own interpretation of the mood and imagery of this particular track:

The original version of Glitterbugs ‘Far Far Light’ settles in a rather solemn mood, presenting the listener with deep bass lines, wet reverbs and sparse arpeggios. ‘Far Far Light’ is a hypnotic, dark and spellbinding journey across nightly streets and forgotten urban landscapes.

Extrawelt (of Cocoon and Border Community, to name just a few) fill raves and large scale clubs and festivals internationally, and that is for a reason. Their interpretation of ‘Far Far Light’ unstoppably creeps into the raver’s heart, soul and body, making the already dense original even denser and adding an ever evolving, powerful, dark and excessive atmosphere that keeps on climbing and building until the very last chord of their remix.

Estroe is no foreigner to the techno and electronica circuit either. The Dutch DJ and Producer, with a prolific history in both of her fields, has been a dear friend of c.sides and Glitterbug for many years. Her unique moods and the depth in her production, as well as the emotionality in her DJ sets and the music she writes and produces, is something that speaks a mutual language and shares similar musical vocabulary. Her remix creates a version of ‘Far Far Light’ that floats into a melancholic and partially gloomy, yet friendly and loving universe.

c.sides own Biblo, hailing from Istanbul and who just released ‘Absence’, her latest album, on the c.sides imprint, takes all the gloom and heaviness of the original track and adds her own sonic pallet, creating a dark and earth shattering interpretation of ‘Far Far Light’. Witch House meets deep dub techno meets eerie vocals meets Glitterbug. Prepare for a journey far down below.

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