Recording of Glitterbug’s live show @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

Glitterbug Live @ Melkweg Amsterdam, August 28th 2009 by Glitterbug

Glitterbug live @ Melkweg Amsterdam, August 28th 2009
Feedback for this specific show:
“Ever since his strong debut album ‘Supershelter’ I wanted to see and hear Glitterbug live. I must say it was everything I hoped for and more. Techno so fluid, so emotional and so deep, it restores your faith in electronic dance music.” Rene Passet, Music Journalist, DJ Broadcast, NL

I usually do not post my livest publicly, because they are, even more than DJ sets, something very intimate, personal, and site-specific too. Also, I tend to be a perfectionist, and since it’s all my materials, I notice my little flaws and technical hick-ups even more, a bit like through a magnifying glass.

But well, since there was so much loving feedback for this show, I think I can comfortably share it with the rest of the world… even though every recording of my live performances is just a momentary snap shot of where i am at this specific point in time.

This was my last performance before the studio break (I am working on my next long player), and in this set are already two raw live versions of two new tracks that will be part of the upcoming album. So I thought, well, this is a great way of saying “see ya later!” to all of you and a huge thank you to everybody that invited us to play over the last year and to all those who supported us and gave us the opportunity to share this part of our world.

Special thanks also go out to the amazing Amsterdam crew: Nuno dos Santos and Estroe who played with us that night, Hidde of Melkweg (and the rest of the Melkweg crew) and Rene Passet!!!

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