Transmission break…


I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a beautiful new year from California (it’s Rosh Hashana today, that’s also the reason that I am here- to meet up with some friends and Ronni and her family) and thank everyone that made the past year such an amazing period for me and us at c.sides.

‘Supershelter’, my last album, got so much love and support internationally, I had the opportunity to perform in all these amazing places around the globe, we had at a blast at our last c.sides Festival in Tel Aviv this February  (against all odds, meaning, the war in Gaza and the elections one day before we opened the festival), we had great and well attended shows with our installations (for example the Jewish Museum Frankfurt), and I feel so very very fortunate and privileged for having the opportunity and freedom to do all these things. All of this is pretty overwhelming and beyond anything I could have hoped for.

As you might know, I am taking a performance break right now, and am working on my next album (and things are going really really well).

I’ll be back on the road (and in the club) starting on the 23rd of October at the amazing Insomnia Festival in Tromsø, Norway. After that we’ll (we: Glitterbug and Ronni Shendar with the joint A/V live show) play at the Elevate Festival in Graz/ Austria (24th of October), and then we’ll be off to a performance tour in India with our dear beloved friends Andy Vaz and Murat Tepeli. Post India we go directly to Poland to perform at the Plateaux Festival in Torun on the  21st of November, and more exciting things, projects and gigs are cooking up… I’ll keep you posted.

If you are in Cologne, come visit me at the Ouest Bar on the 10th of October and celebrate the release of my next 12”, the ‘Dim Flares EP’ (coming out on the 12th of October), with me.

Until then: love and peace from California… ;-)

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