First day: close to Tromsø, Northern Norway

As you might know, we will be touring for six consecutive weeks, and i will document this long and exciting journey and performance tour with an irregular audio diary, accompanied with pixelized pictures from my cell phone camera.

Here is the first part- we took a 1 hour road trip to a huge island slightly south of Tromsø, northern Norway. These two recordings are taken somewhere on the island Kvaløya Sálir (Google Maps), one on the shore, the other on top of a mountain. Words can’t describe how unbelievably beautiful this place is. Thanks to our amazing tour guide, Berit Bendiksen!!! For more pictures, go to Ronni Shendar’s amazing photo blog, she’s got all the fancy lenses and cameras on her…



This place sounds like this.



And this is how the place sounds like – the little pops are raindrops on the cover of the recorder.


And this is how i look like in front of the scenery, amidst +1°C weather (thanks Ronni for the amazing picture!!):


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