The beloved sound of ferries


On day 3 of our amazing trip to the Arctic, we took a very early ferry to some of the small villages around Tromsø, basically up one of the main Fjords, and back to the city. We left around 7am, it was still dark outside, and watched an amazingly blue sunrise- it felt like a curtain was slowly lifted before our eyes to allow a sight that can only be described as breathtaking. I have never seen such dramatic landscapes in my life before.

I tried to record on deck, but since it was really windy on deck and it was a speed boat, it was almost impossible to capture anything else other than the wind in the microphones.

So instead, i walked from one end of the almost empty ship to the other, capturing the amazing sound of the gigantic engines, recording also in corners to also capture some of the impressive standing waves (well, standing frequencies i mean).

And here is the amazing soundscape of the ferry

For a whole set of pictures, go to Ronni Shendar‘s photo blog.


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