Northern Lights


Last night we saw something that I dreamed of seeing for all of my life: Northern Lights, or Aurea Borealis in their scientific name. I can’t quite write too much about it; other than the fact that was crying because i have barely seen anything so beautiful and touching in my life.

Berit Bendiksen, our wonderful tour guide (and wonderful person in general) was so kind to pick us and some other artists up and drove us out of the city so the view would not be disturbed by the city lights.

I forgot my recorder, so there is no sound to it. Imagine absolute silence and just the sound of small streams of water gushing down from the mountains.

I am so thankful to all the wonderful people at the Insomnia Festival that made all these efforts to bring us here. Thank you all!!!!!!!!

The pictures were taken by Ronni Shendar.



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