News from the break

So. We are still 15km south of Mangalore, and we got through a tropical Cyclone (named Phyan) that confronted us with some of the most extreme weather at least I have ever experienced. We had some serious floods in the area, unbelievable thunderstorms that even hit the hotel that we are staying at, and endless walls of rain for something like 48 hours, including power outages, which, well, forced me to take some serious computer and music breaks… yet I managed to make three new tracks which i am really really happy about.

This is how the rain sounded like


We took a little trip to the city while the rain was still going strong… this is how the bus ride to the city sounded like.


One of us had to do some bank transactions, and here is a little audible impression of the State Bank of India in Mangalore…




But the tropical storm is passed us now, and the sun is back and with it the electricity (most of the time).

Here is an impression of what i can hear in the early morning when I wake up, and what i see from our balcony.

Today or tomorrow we will start rehearsing for the next upcoming show, at the Plateaux Festival in Poland. We are really excited about it, but the weather change will be challenging i guess…

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