My next album.


Happy 2010 everybody! And: as of today, there is no turning back- I just handed over the master CDs to the company handling the physical production. And i am very very VERY happy to announce that in just a few months, on the 17th of May to be exact, my next album will be released.

The title is ‘Privilege’, and this time it’s a double CD, consisting of 20 tracks and a total running time of 2 hours and 21 minutes. There will also be a double vinyl edition of the album. It comes with a stunningly beautiful, extensive booklet by Ronni Shendar, featuring photographs that she took during our joint performance tours in 2009.

I worked for more than a year on this album, and I am really proud (and relieved) that it’s finally done. ‘Privilege’ is a very serious album in many ways.

‘Privilege’ deals, in a very abstract way, with the fortune of living out a dream in a world that does not grant all people with the same opportunities. Over the last year I had the fortune to visit places around the globe in which I felt the obscene wealth of opportunities I have in life. It’s hard to bear that the majority of humanity will never have the chance to even dream of who and what they could have been. More will be said about it soon…

And now I wish I hadn’t have to wait for another four months for it to be out…

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