Retroblog on Privilege…

Very nice: Retroblog issued this very sweet review on ‘Privilege’.

You can find the original post, plus some other recommendations, here.

Great music to design to: 2010 so far.
“Epic and elegant, this double album from Glitterbug manages to both accommodate fans of melancholic tech house as well as those who’d rather sit and ponder. Many of the more upbeat tracks here are functional for a dancefloor but share the same gloomy overtones worked by contemporaries such as Lawrence, Fairmont and Pantha Du Prince. The LP cuts out a lot of the fat and streamlines the release into a much smaller batch of tracks, but this is perhaps best experienced as the full 20-track double-CD/digital version. In its full running order listeners are treated not only to some slick melancholy tech house tracks but also some interesting diversions like the stark piano exercise of “So Could We,” the quasi-dubstep break of “Parted,” the odd acoustic drum kit of “Waves,” the Eno-esque ambient beauty of “Lionheart” and more. It’s a lot to digest in one go but those who lend their time will not be disappointed.”

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