Video for ‘Passages’ online!

The video for ‘Passages’, taken from Glitterbug’s new album, ‘Cancerboy’, embarks on a twilight journey through a foggy, gloomy scenery. Rusty ships and doomed freighters appear from the horizon as if from a different time or place, abandoned and absent. It’s a place of the subconscious, a world suspended.

Glitterbug’s new album ‘Cancerboy’ examines and challenges the place between hope and death, and Ronni Shendar’s video follows him to this dreamlike place, where memories of lost friends seem to live on, close yet untouchable; a passage of in-between.

Ronni Shendar is an Israeli visual artist, working in the field of photography, video and live video performance. Her works have been presented in exhibitions and festivals internationally, among them Festival de Cannes and the Jewish Museum Frankfurt, and toured with Gold Panda (Ghostly) with her visuals and stage design.

Shendar and Glitterbug (Till Rohmann) have been collaborating for almost 10 years as curators, producers and artists whose work spans from video installations to their celebrated audio-visual live performance.

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